Premiere: Supertaste kickstart ‘Super Classic’ rollout with lead singlePic 3 E1617671595603

Premiere: Supertaste kickstart ‘Super Classic’ rollout with lead single

Out of a Bristol, Tennessee cabin came a new “Super Classic.”

Mere mention of “disco” carries with it the inherent sparkle of a disco ball. One wouldn’t expect to find woodsy imagery married to the genre, but with “Super Classic,” Brooklyn-based duo Supertaste entreat their listeners to subvert contemplative convention as they spearhead this convergence. The lead single from Supertaste’s sophomore EP pending release, the eponymous “Super Classic” is the radiant result of the production pair’s venture out into the forest. Seeking solitude and a departure from the quotidian, Supertaste delved deep into an indie-disco-informed cacophony of synths, guitar chords, rich rhythms, and a groove-ridden bassline on “Super Classic,” which comes part in parcel with a compelling description. Supertaste told Dancing Astronaut of the Super Classic debut single,

“The setting of this song in our heads is really like a ‘Fear & Loathing’ vibe—but make it a first date in NYC—trying to capture the energy of the city at 2:00 a.m. on a summer night, that electricity of a new romance, the intoxicating heartbeat of the nightlife.”

The first slice of Super Classic sound, which primes Supertaste streamers for the follow-up to their Breakup Disco EP, released July 2020, will formally release on April 7, but listeners can preview “Super Classic” in full one day early, only on Dancing Astronaut.

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