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Rinzen places an atmospheric twist on Quivver’s ‘Don’t Say Anything’

Rinzen has offered a new remix of Quivver’s “Don’t Say Anything” on John Digweed’s label, checking off a career milestone that’s been in the making for years. The rising house star has once again shown fans that his atmospheric beats have immense talent for reeling audiences in.  

The remix offers a darker sound than Quivver’s original, its beat bubbling beneath the surface. The track’s enthralling sounds slither, the humming bassline adding to listener enthusiasm. 

Rinzen recently appeared on mau5trap’s we are friends vol. 10 compilation with the powerful single “’90s child.” He also joined Lane 8’s This Never Happened with the release of “Some Good Here.” Rinzen shared a heartfelt message to go along with the milestone, stating,

“Today marks a new milestone for me. My first release on Bedrock Records. I’ve had the great honor of remixing Quivver’s new single “Don’t Say Anything” for John Digweed’s legendary Bedrock label. With this song (like everything I create), I wanted to present a dynamic experience: something that blurs the line between styles while offering a bold, cinematic listening experience. In this case, my remix is a soundtrack for a not-too-distant cyberpunk future.”

Featured image: @harpdigitalmedia/Instagram

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