Seth Troxler launches off-kilter Twitch series, ‘Dream Access Television’Troler Cercle 1

Seth Troxler launches off-kilter Twitch series, ‘Dream Access Television’

Seth Troxler‘s newest weekly Twitch series, Dream Access TV, is reminiscent of 20th century broadcasting, but in the Twilight Zone. A variety show of sorts, Dream Access TV aims to tackle “b-movie satire and quasi-journalism”, with oddball shows hosted by fellow DJs and artists.

Troxler explained,

“‘Dream Access TV’ is a nostalgic version of the public television of yesteryear. This is a channel dedicated to the weird and quirky format that became popular in the United States of the 70s and 90s. DJs and artists will present strange and wonderful shows, and they will be encouraged to go on excursions to places and situations that we (and they) are not used to.”

Troxler has already identified a handful of international DJs who will be scooping up airtime on DAT. For example, Bangkok-native DJ Mendy Indigo will host a food show under her alter ego, Shit Mendy Cooks, alongside veteran beatsmith Eats Everything, with several other high-profile guests expected to participate in the new venture. Troxler himself will host a talk show called Seth Speaks.

Subscribe to Dream Access TV on Twitch, here, and check out the official preview below.

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