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Seven Lions, Wooli, and Amidy keep Ophelia Records’ 2021 file faultless with ‘Shadows’

The feeling of seeing fan-recorded videos of new music—specifically of “Shadows”—from a true live atmosphere pop up on Twitter again couldn’t be described as anything other than a near out-of-body experience. Ophelia Records has already been untouchable thus far in 2021, and the final form of Seven Lions, Wooli, and Amidy’s cooperative single-handedly erupted Ubbi Dubbi’s Texas mainstage, serving as the shutdown to the label boss’ day one performance. Now, just beyond the four-month mark since “Shadows” first broke out during Wooli’s Park ‘N Rave set, the three-manned collective is taking to none other than the melodic bass hall to supplement Ophelia’s already overcrowded ballot for 2021’s presiding original.

Hosting Seven Lions, Wooli, and Amidy on a collective banner was truly a blockbuster recipe, especially when considering the former two’s high-toned pair of collaborative predecessors, “Island” and “Another Me.” “Shadows” motors through a global rollercoaster of dubstep, rotating between a purebred melodic block and a stark, hard-hitting change-up enabled at the production hand of Wooli—of course—all while being routed by Amidy’s set of emotively drenched, sing-along vocals as “Shadows” steps back into the on-deck circle for its next in-person advent. For any questions as to how well music disseminated during the pandemic would migrate from headphone to festival stage, “Shadows” is an explicit answer.

Featured image: Fixation Photography

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