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Lane 8’s This Never Happened welcomes ‘Root to Branch, Vol. 7’

Lane 8‘s latest artist showcase takes the form of Root To Branch, Vol. 7, an immersive six-track project that recruits originals from Bristol-based Hessian, Orlando-anchored Omën, and Holland native Mees Salomé. Distributed by Lane 8’s pet project This Never Happened, the seventh edition of Root To Branch demonstrably welcomes the warmer months, featuring progressively spacious dreamscapes characterized by melodious sine wave synthesizers.

Hessian takes the reins on the first two offerings of the progressive house compilation, submitting “Allergens” and “Outback.” From the jump, Root To Branch, Vol. 7 enthralls listeners with hauntingly beautiful vocal samples layered over quintessential Anjuna-type progression. Without straying from the cadence, Omën then imparts more tastefully abrupt dynamics on the two subsequent tracks, “Follow” and “Get Down.” Lastly, Filth on Acid artist Mees Salomé instills anthemic overtones on the final two titles, “Aurora” and “Brighter,” both distinguished by relentless portamento.

The newest TNH offering is seamlessly cohesive, highlighting some of the best new talents in the progressive house space. Listen for yourself.

Featured image: Fixation Photography

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