Vicetone share debut LP embodying ‘the type of music they stand for’Rutger Prins Vicetone

Vicetone share debut LP embodying ‘the type of music they stand for’

10 years into their storied careers, Vicetone have released their debut album, Legacy. The project spans 10 enthralling tracks, each with its own distinctive flavor, all while exemplifying the duo’s established progressive energy. Of the 10 inclusions, six had not been granted a pre-album release.

Vicetone’s LP is inspired by Avicii‘s impact on dance music; they seek to recreate the same timelessness within their own body of work. The Dutch duo elaborated on the project’s aim, telling Dancing Astronaut,

“The album is a culmination of years of work and we see it as a showcase of our true sound. This is the biggest project we’ve ever done and we’re really proud of the result. Stylistically, each song is different and together they represent the type of music we stand for as Vicetone. We love them all, but if we had to pick three that weren’t released as singles before, be sure to check out ‘Somebody Like You,’ ‘Ghost Of My Past,’ and ‘Elevate.'”

With the return of live performances looming, Vicetone give fans a lot to look forward to with the hope that Legacy can soon come to life in person. The LP is out now via Monstercat and can be streamed below.

Featured image: Rutger Prins

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