Zedd gestures to Z3, says no previously released singles will grace tracklistZedd

Zedd gestures to Z3, says no previously released singles will grace tracklist

Zedd fans, “would you rather wait and get an entire new album at once or would you rather have 1-2 singles from the album come out beforehand?”

That’s precisely the question that Zedd posed to his Twitter following on April 26, affording listeners the opportunity to voice their preference via vote as the emotional rollercoaster that is “Z3” took a sharp but thrilling turn.

The True Colors follow-up, fondly and informally known to fans as “Z3,” has remained in a state of flux in recent years. Though Zedd first confirmed in December 2019 that the project would hit platforms at some point in 2020, the classically trained talent disclosed in November of 2020 that he had postponed the LP. “I decided to push back the album to when things are more back to normal. I really wanted it to come out this year but I put the album on standby because during quarantine I just didn’t feel the inspiration to make this the best album possible,” Zedd said during a Reddit AMA. At the time, he also stated that he’d “recently talked” to Porter Robinson “about getting together and working on some music.” 

Zedd’s following has also remained on standby, awaiting the album’s next sign of life, which materializes not only in what appears to be a particularly fateful Twitter poll, but also in the producer’s admission that none of his recent singles will figure on the tracklist. Further details on the long-form, which rightfully laid claim to a place on Dancing Astronaut‘s list of the most-anticipated albums of 2021, are awaited, but for now, streamers can revel in the reality that a stack of new Zedd songs just might be at their fingertips sooner than they thought.

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