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Audien delivers nostalgic progressive spin of End of the World’s ‘Dropout Boulevard’

When Porter Robinson tweeted “oooh this must be an Audien remix, right?” as End of the World’s Secret Sky performance got going, just about everyone in digital attendance opened their own Twitter pages to concur with him on how much they loved it. With “Craving” as Audien’s solitary delivery in 2020 in the wake of his debut album from the year prior, one of progressive house’s most revered names is now primed to make some noise as the pandemic finally begins to walk towards the door. For his first spin since a tackle of Calvin Harris and Rag’n’Bone Man‘s “Giant” at the top of 2019, Audien has been tapped to reimagine the Japanese band’s “Dropout Boulevard.”

“Very melodic and very emotional” was how Audien prefaced the new originals he’d been scheming up during his time at home, and this remix hits a bullseye on both of those adjectives. Audien dips directly into his bag of undeniably nostalgic progressive house for a recast that’s a decisive return to prime form, although there was never an inkling of hesitancy that it wouldn’t be. Subbing out End of the World’s indie-electronic spirit from their Chameleon standout, Audien walks “Dropout Boulevard” right over from the digital live stage straight to the virtual mainstage for a rework that’s just begging to be dropped in person later this year.

Featured image: Blake Charles

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