Doctor Neiman defies genre constraints with a fury on ‘Wait For Me’Doctor Neiman Live 4

Doctor Neiman defies genre constraints with a fury on ‘Wait For Me’

With appearances on Excision‘s Subsidia Records and Flux Pavilion‘s Circus Records to his resume’s credit, Doctor Neiman continues his candidacy for bass supremacy with his NCS debut, “Wait For Me.” Peppered with a rock-meets-pop-punk topline that sharpens the single’s sonic edge, the one-off—Nieman’s fifth this year to date—bursts through the release ring gates as a thrashing, high-impact hybrid that furiously fuses rock, punk, hardcore, and bass elements in a hair-raising three-minute and 35-seconds.

By forcefully and decidedly blurring the lines that would typically separate these genres, Neiman bolsters “Wait For Me’s” broad appeal in an illustration of the nimbleness that has scored him looks from other time-honored talents in the industry such as The Chainsmokers and Tritonal. Underscoring his dynamism as one of the key distinguishers that sets him apart from other rising innovators in the bass scene specifically, Doctor Neiman is a hungry force to be reckoned with across sonic domains. Hear his own justification of such below.

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