Martin Garrix rings in 25th birthday with historic EURO 2020 anthem alongside U2 [Stream]E1Rz41WWUAAMZ1T

Martin Garrix rings in 25th birthday with historic EURO 2020 anthem alongside U2 [Stream]

Happy 25th Birthday, Martin Garrix.

The EURO 2020 anthem has been a long time coming—a year and a half, to be exact. After his two-night “THE ETHER” affair at ADE in 2019, Martin Garrix announced that he’d been awarded a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to produce the tournament’s official track. He’d split the original with the most high-profile collaboration that he’d yet to offer, he said.

The dance music and football worlds alike would have to wait another flip of the calendar due to COVID-19 before they’d learn who that other name was and for the EURO 2020 tournament, when they would hear the song. Ahead of EURO 2020’s June start date, Martin Garrix is now following through on this bucket list opportunity to stand beside two categorically celebrated names—U2’s Bono and The Edge—for “We Are The People,” which aptly arrives on the STMPD RCRDS founder’s 25th journey around the sun.

To say the anthem is an unforgettable birthday gift would be to downplay the true weight of it all. Some might be awestruck to read the U2 frontmens’ names alongside Garrix’s, but Garrix has never dodged breeding music with A-listers including Dua Lipa, Bebe Rexha, Mike Shinoda, and most recently, Tove Lo. “We Are The People” follows in the footsteps of David Guetta and Zara Larsson’s 2016 anthem in championship fashion, celebrating European football’s historic bout with Garrix’s triumphant progressive touch and U2’s dateless rock temper. The anthem won’t be the only Garrix music commissioned for the tournament, with Garrix having also produced EURO 2020’s official walkout and broadcast music. Considering the EURO 2020 anthem follows his now one-year-old John Martin reunion, “Higher Ground,” let’s hope that the trend of Garrix self-bestowed birthday gifts is far from short-lived.

Watch the official video for “We Are The People” below.

Featured image: Louis van Baar

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