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Moore Kismet and Laxcity ‘Flourish’ on experimental collaboration

16-year-old Moore Kismet is no stranger to avant-garde dance music, now offering an experimental fourth single from their upcoming debut LP. Dancing Astronaut’s Breakout Artist of 2020 dropped “Autonomy,” the third single from the progressively expanding album, back in April. Now, the recently billed Lollapalooza performer bequeaths a head-turning breakbeat collaboration with UK producer Laxcity.

Released via Thrive Music, “Flourish” arrives as the flagship offering alongside two other collaborative singles, “Ultraviolet” with Chuck Sutton and COOKIE. as well as “Quest” alongside Summet. The focal point of the release, however, is the long overdue collaboration between Kismet and Laxcity, who originally met back in 2018. The premise for “Flourish” materialized during a productive Discord call between them in 2020, with the goal being to write the tune as if it were a “blossoming flower.” Well, it’s safe to say that the metaphor holds true.

Stream all three album collaborations below.

Featured image: DNZ Media

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