One of Sweden’s most-visited venues has been renamed the Avicii ArenaAvicii Live Arizona Credit Rolling Stone Dancing Astro

One of Sweden’s most-visited venues has been renamed the Avicii Arena

While more than three years have passed since the tragic death of dance icon, Avicii‘s influence continues to permeate throughout the genre’s culture. Now, one of Sweden‘s most-visited venues, Ericsson Globe, is renaming itself to become the Avicii Arena to honor the musical juggernaut, which was actually predicted in Avicii’s VIP remix of “Wake Me Up” in 2014. Avicii’s father, Klas Bergling, said in a statement regarding the venue’s name change,

“It was a significant milestone in Tim’s career when he played here nine years ago, and he would be extremely proud that this iconic building from today will bear his name.”

Numerous tributes to the late Avicii, born Tim Bergling, continue to arrive. Tomorrowland had honored the third anniversary of his tragic death with a day-long tribute last April. Stockholm also has plans to open an Avicii tribute museum sometime this year. Stockholm’s Östermalm district also has plans for an Avicii memorial site.

Klas Bergling has been the driving force and founder of the Tim Bergling Foundation, charged with raising awareness for mental health. Bergling also added,

“It is only by listening to the young people and working with them that we can really make a difference. We will start from that in everything we do. We call the collection of young people’s thoughts For a Better Day because we focused our surveys on what they need for a better tomorrow, and their answers will form the basis of our work inside and outside the AVICII ARENA.”

In celebration of the music venue’s name change, 14-year-old Swedish singer Ella Tiritiello and the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra performed and recorded a cover of Avicii’s “For a Better Day.”

Featured image: Mark Winter for Rolling Stone

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