Porter Robinson reshares ‘Nurture’ tracklist in chronological orderPorter Robinson Rukes Min

Porter Robinson reshares ‘Nurture’ tracklist in chronological order

The seven-year gap between Porter Robinson‘s two studio LPs proved to be well worth the wait, with fans and critics alike now quenching their thirst on Robinson’s sophomore album, Nurture. Now, fresh off the heels of the April release, the 28-year-old star has shared another way for fans to savor the project by divulging the chronological tracklist, ordered by the timeline of when each track was written.

Beginning with his popular album singles, “Something Comforting,” and “Look at the Sky” to the more instrumental tracks “do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do” and “Trying to Feel Alive,” Porter’s most recent release allows for fans to take a deeper dive into the mind of the producer and sift through the album in a way that reflects Robinson’s writing process. With the earliest track’s inception dating as far back as 2015, Robinson imparts the new tracklist to fans in hopes that they may be able to “feel the shifts over time,” giving and even more informed perspective on the album with a listen through this version.

Nurture has already received critical acclaim within the first month of its release, though, how it will sit among the rest of Robinson’s pantheon of work still remains to be seen. Experience Nurture in a whole new way with the chronological tracklist below.

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