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Premiere: Dylan Matthew issues first solo original of 2021—stream ‘One Sided Love’

If 2020 was the year of the Dylan Matthew collaboration, 2021 is the year of Dylan Matthew solo content. “I didn’t release a lot of music last year. I released a lot of collaborations, but not a lot of solo music, so this year, I’m really focusing on getting my solo music out there and pushing my solo career out as far as I can,” Dancing Astronaut‘s series-initiating Supernova said in a January interview. “There will definitely be a lot of music coming out this year, including several songs that I’ve been holding on to for a time, because I was too scared to release my favorite music, but this year I’m doing it; that’s the plan for 2021.”

Soon thereafter, the storied singer-songwriter would open a new year in music with an acoustic flourish, furnishing stripped-down renditions of “Happy Where We Are” and “Run” on February 17 and April 21, respectively. With his 2021 arsenal of acoustic conversions newly stocked and ever-nimble, Matthew is now turning the wheels on his “plan for 2021” with “One Sided Love,” his first solo original of the year.

Dylan Matthew devotees, this is the part where you rejoice, for as the first 30 seconds of the single’s runtime will reveal, you know this song, and you’ve been waiting for it to release for some time now. Often sandwiched between other snippets of the one-offs yet to step out of Matthew’s studio, “One Sided Love” surfaced several times on Matthew’s Instagram story, providing a sneak peek of a pop-centric cut with clear lyrical cadence. A credit to Matthew’s evergreen capacity to craft a hook that lingers long after the last second of the song has expired, “One Sided Love” capitalizes on a catchy melody—and imagery, i.e. “two cherry lips” and “cigarettes”— to create memorable appeal.

Matthew told Dancing Astronaut of “One Sided Love,”

“My motivation for writing this song is pretty self-explanatory in the title. It’s about being in a one-sided relationship. This is my ‘sort of anthem’ that I wanted to write for everybody and anybody who’s ever been in a situation like that, where they know what it feels like to be putting in so much effort and love just to have it not be reciprocated. This one was for them!”

“One Sided Love” will formally release on May 28 via Alinea, a joint venture with Proximity, but can be streamed in full one day early, only on Dancing Astronaut.

Featured image: Emma Paige

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