REAPER wreaks havoc with industrial drum ‘n’ bass rework of Nitepunk’s ‘Miracle’EoQBNCYAIE2nj

REAPER wreaks havoc with industrial drum ‘n’ bass rework of Nitepunk’s ‘Miracle’

Showing no signs of slowing down, REAPER is reloading his drum ‘n’ bass arsenal with a new high-energy rework of Nitepunk‘s “Miracle,” landing on HARD Recs. Touted as one of Dancing Astronaut‘s Artists to Watch, the United States-based producer continues to propound the drum ‘n’ bass sound, with his latest remix in the style following his recent single, “Make A Move,” and his spin on Koven’s “Shut My Mouth.” Speaking on his revision of the Nitepunk original, the masked artisan shared,

“The pacing and uniqueness of this remix compose a perfect image of my excitement for drum ‘n’ bass in this upcoming festival season. Nitepunk’s original production motivated me to abandon many of my previous rules of production and arrangement. It’s a miracle to me that I managed to make all my favorite intense elements work together—from the churning metal guitars and drum breaks to the freeform Reese bass melodies.”

REAPER’s remix of “Miracle” unleashes an unfathomable height of chugging guitar riffs and chaotic industrial elements. The spiraling rework intuitively disports REAPER’s hip-hop and hardcore jungle influences while at the same time maintaining the shrewd ferocity of Nitepunk’s original track. The remix is yet another conscious effort on REAPER’s behalf to contribute to the global immortality of the drum ‘n’ bass genre.

Featured image: Evan Hammerman

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