‘Save Me’ featuring Violet Days sees GATTÜSO embrace his emotional sideGATTUSO STUDIO 2 1

‘Save Me’ featuring Violet Days sees GATTÜSO embrace his emotional side

GATTÜSO ventures into cinematic territory with his newest single “Save Me” featuring Stockholm-based vocalist Violet Days. Over the course of his career to date, the Ultra Records signee has continuously underscored Tiësto as one of his central muses on the sonic end, and GATTÜSO’s knowledge of how to use production to command the crowd, inspired by Tiësto’s own approach to doing so, is ever-apparent on “Save Me.”

GATTÜSO said of the single,

“The first time I heard the demo of ‘Save Me,’ I fell in love with Days’ voice. It just crushed me. and I listened to it over and over again before I even really focused on the lyrics. I understood that she wrote it around relationships, but I interpreted it my own way and how after this very tough year, everyone is screaming out to be saved! We tried to make this a current emotional record and one that will speak to the collective feelings in the moment.”

“Save Me” featuring Violet Days is unquestioningly one of GATTÜSO most emotionally driven pieces to date. Experience it below.

Featured image: Richard “Parlay” Copier @OneiPhotography

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