Wassu, djimboh weave ‘From Afar’Screen Shot 2021 05 21 At 12.15.34 PM

Wassu, djimboh weave ‘From Afar’

Following Wassu and djimboh‘s February intersection for their Kavi EP comes “From Afar,” a temporally luxuriant outing made in a nearly eight-minute tandem. The highly textured track mimics the ebb and flow of water in its progression, spilling forth in a measured, poised manner. Anchored in the organic house and downtempo areas of electronic, “From Afar” is an extension of the mellifluous style that Wassu and djimboh collaboratively captured in sonic amber on their Kavi EP. Slightly spryer than any of the pristine productions that hold a place on the EP, “From Afar” strikes a tonal difference that listeners of both Wassu and djimboh works will note. On Wassu’s end, “From Afar” elongates his 2021 tally of releases, raising it to a total of six as djimboh realizes his third original of the new year in music with the fluttering tie-up.

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