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Apple Music delivers a Pride Month mix series from Moore Kismet, Qrion, and more

In celebration of Pride Month, Apple Music has recognized some of dance music’s most in-demand queer creators by releasing 11 mixes from future-forward, LGBTQ+ artists. Among those featured in the new batch of mixes is Dancing Astronaut’s Breakout Artist of 2020, Moore Kismet, as well as one of DA’s Artists to Watch in 2021, Qrion, India Jordan, Serpentwithfeet, Worthy, and more. Apple Music’s Robby Engle shared in a statement,

“We’re proud to have worked with 11 artists of different nationalities, gender identities, and sexualities who made DJ Mixes in the spirit of Pride. All of these mixes are different flavors of dance music, and even some hip hop, that show the true diversity of our community.”

Moore Kismet has been a resounding presence in the dance music community, especially within the last year, using their experience as a non-binary person to amplify queer voices within and around the dance music space. Their mix consists of 40 tracks including cuts from Skrillex, Meg Thee Stallion, and Barely Alive. Including exclusive IDs, the mix is a story in and of itself, adding Kismet’s impressive ability to curate emotion within their listeners with a authenticity and ease.

Qrion shares 17 techno-infused tracks from friends and up-and-coming artists, including one of her own heaters, “Monolith” and an unreleased ID. Known for her uncanny aptitude to harness sounds that occur in nature, Qrion divulges a mix that offers techno fans a moment to step away and fall into her world.

Check out all of the Apple Music mixes here.

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