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BLVD. & Fatman Scoop – Miami

Purple Fly, the world’s first NFT-fueled record label, makes its hard-hitting debut with its first single “Miami” from BLVD. and legendary rapper Fatman Scoop.

In honor of both artists’ favorite city, and the host of the 2021 Bitcoin Conference, “Miami” is an ode to one of the night life capitals of the world. Just like South Florida in the summer, this collab turns up the heat and combines Fatman Scoop’s vocal hype with BLVD.’s heavy hitting productions into a multi-genre fusion of trap, dubstep, reggaeton, and psytrance. An all out assault on South Beach, this over-the-top anthem is not to be confused with the Will Smith classic. Instead of bubbly verses, BLVD and Scoop’s “Miami” is a cavalcade of serrated synths and stabbing bass lines. Like a lambo revving its engine down Collins, this one is bringing the heat — and the noise.

The release will be accompanied by a signature NFT drop on June 04 created in collaboration with Purple Fly’s visual team, which helps the artists receive direct support from fans through every purchase. From the looks of it, this is only the tip of the iceberg for Purple Fly, so stay tuned to see what exciting new releases they have up their sleeve next.

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