David Guetta delivers underground club fuel—stream his ‘Love Tonight’ spin

Let David Guetta‘s “Love Tonight” remix set the scene: a sweltering, crepuscular club, clustered with nondescript silhouettes, the power of the beat about to break nearly palpable. That’s precisely what dance devotees have longed to get back to amid the interminable COVID-19 pandemic, and as venue operators dust off dance floors across the nation to welcome all types of footwear back on them, David Guetta is doling out a spin of SHOUSE‘s “Love Tonight” to galvanize the underground’s reclamation of live programming.

Guetta’s take catalyzes a blast from the past, calling the December 2017 original back into the electronic foreground with climactic, trembling technics that depart in dark, delicious fashion from the raging, adrenaline-spiking future rave sound that Guetta and MORTEN have popularized, and that most recently informed “Impossible” with Dancing Astronaut‘s May Supernova, the ever-inimitable John Martin.

Featured image: Rutger Geerling

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