David Guetta, MORTEN, and John Martin defy the ‘Impossible’ on all-time future rave meetingDAVID GUETTA MORTEN At Ushuaia BIG 24 June 2019

David Guetta, MORTEN, and John Martin defy the ‘Impossible’ on all-time future rave meeting

David Guetta and MORTEN had already locked in another hair-raising extension of their future rave lineage when the former unloaded the ID previously fan-dubbed “Air” in his performance for Tomorrowland’s New Year’s Eve 2021. The instrumental version of Guetta and MORTEN’s 12th recorded meeting merited a seat at Dancing Astronaut‘s most-anticipated IDs of the year table, but an upgraded model that tacked on vocals from none other than John Martin was introduced to a Miami crowd in early May and made everyone’s hearts skip one or five beats accordingly. Now reuniting on Musical Freedom, David Guetta and MORTEN are ushering in another future rave chapter, officially branding the John Martin-backed version as “Impossible.”

In Dancing Astronaut‘s one-on-one conversation with Martin for our fifth episode of Supernovas, a series aimed at accentuating dance music’s singer-songwriters, he revealed that his contribution to the track actually came about fairly recently, disclosing that Guetta had unexpectedly contacted him and his VCATION counterpart Michel Zitron just two months ago to see if they could get hold of the golden touch that Guetta believed the ID to be missing through Martin and Zitron’s creative interplay. And, that’s exactly what Martin and Zitron would supply. Martin’s lyrical assistance inspiritingly speaks to the state of affairs amid the pandemic, with “Impossible” faultlessly chaining together the same inimitable, scalding future rave character that has shaken up the house landscape since 2019 with one of the most decorated and recognizable voices in all of dance music.

Featured image: Ushuaïa Ibizaa

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