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DESTRUCTO, TroyBoi stay nimble on ‘You’re The One For Me’

Electrifying the electronic release ring with its cross-era fluidity, the ethos of DESTRUCTO and TroyBoi‘s “You’re the One For Me” is as follows: “bring that old-school sound with the new shit.” As just one spin of the ’80s-guided partnership of epic proportions indicates, you can consider this done. Merging retro flair with contemporary whimsy, “You’re the One For Me” is a dance-inducing jaunt to get down to. Padded with bass and playful progressions, the single—DESTRUCTO’s first of 2021—struts forth to ALL MY FRIENDS to make a year-opening statement.

“You’re the One For Me” formalizes DESTRUCTO and TroyBoi’s first-ever tie-up, extending their working history, which started in 2018 with the latter’s remix of the former’s “Fucking Shit Up.” The zippy tune trails TroyBoi’s June 11 remix of Anitta and DaBaby‘s “Girl From Rio.” Get in on the action below.

Featured image: DESTRUCTO/Instagram

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