DJ Sliink shows Marshmello how to ‘Back It Up’Dj Sliink

DJ Sliink shows Marshmello how to ‘Back It Up’

Global Culture Radio Show tastemaker and Jersey Club legend, DJ Sliink has teamed up with the helmeted, omnipresent Marshmello to throw down a gauntlet of club-ready rumblings on the a hotly anticipated “Back It Up.” Recently tapped by Spotify and Sirius XM for his impeccable style behind the decks, Sliink has been spreading the Jersey Club gospel across the airwaves. And now on Marshmello’s latest album. His hometown heritage is deep in everything he touches and it’s no different here. A collaboration that has been laying in the wings for months, Sliink seizes the opportunity and uses it as a master class in the hyped up sounds of the JC scene. “Back It Up” is rowdy, raucous and not for family gatherings. Unless your family likes to get turnt.