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Drop everything and stream Getter’s six-part ‘Some Creature’ EP

After cryptically teasing his upcoming EP using Morse code to spell out “GETTER/SOME/CREATURE/EP” and “SIX/ORIGINAL/SONGS” in early May, Getter curbed his followers’ appetites for new music with his Some Creature EP, arriving just days after the project’s lead single “BLOOD HARVEST” broke.

With time spent away from touring, Getter has returned to form over the past year, releasing an EP under his rap alias Terror Reid while migrating back to dubstep on his NAPALM EP. Getter’s latest finds him back in his element, feeling as creative and boundary-pushing as ever. The EP combines various sides of the multifaceted artist, generating his characteristically grimy dubstep sound alongside eerie rap verses, impeccable sound design, punk rock instrumentals, and of course, we can’t forget a good Soulja Boy sample. Fans have taken to every corner of the Internet to debate whether the EP would be home to a high-demand heavy metal technics, and much to their delight, the album’s fifth track “Leap of Faith” fulfills this ambition. Beginning with a grisly guitar and plummeting straight into violent vocals, the one-and-a-half minute track satiates a side of his audience that has been, consciously or subconsciously, itching to see the light. Finally filtering into the last track of the EP, “Why is it Still Raining,” Getter slows things down to ring in a more ambient, Visceral atmosphere, interspersing rainfall samples and euphonious synth work throughout, proving to his listeners that he can in fact do it all.

Some Creature serves fans not only what they wanted, but also what they didn’t know they needed. Drawing from influences that transcend arbitrary perceptions of genre, Getter provides a fans with a stark reminder: his work will speak for itself, unapologetically, moment by moment, and always straight from the soul.

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