First Listen: Origami Human stun with project’s junior single, ‘See You Later’OH See You Later 2

First Listen: Origami Human stun with project’s junior single, ‘See You Later’

Jack Koplin and Noah Arin of Origami Human are living proof that starting from scratch to reimagine a creative project can pay off in a big way—especially with the right vision. Since putting their prior success as NOKO in the rearview, Koplin and Arin have rightfully re-earned a place in the spotlight through two back-to-back singles that debuted on Spotify dance playlists such as Fresh Finds Basement and Indie Dancefloor, as well as Apple Music’s famed Future Sounds.

Now, the third time proves the charm, with Origami Human submitting “See You Later.” Laced with luminous melodies layered with Koplin’s own topline and euphoric, echoing leads, “See You Later” evokes Shallou, Gryffin, and Lane 8. Of the beach anthem newly in their arsenal, Origami Human said,

“‘See You Later; touches on the impermanence of relationships, not solely romantic, but rather our relationships with one another as humans. For better or worse, relationships often end only to later resurface, hence the tagline ending with ‘See you later, will I?’ With that in mind, we created the production to accent this idea, and to keep the listener uplifted and energized. We also wanted to release this song at a time where it finally feels like people are rekindling relationships they may have lost over the past year, and think this summer will have people reuniting again.”

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