Fred Falke, Zen Freeman flip Raw Silk’s 1982 staple, ‘Do It To The Music’Screen Shot 2021 06 23 At 9.02.49 AM

Fred Falke, Zen Freeman flip Raw Silk’s 1982 staple, ‘Do It To The Music’

On July 16, Fred Falke and Zen Freeman of AMPERSOUNDS will disperse their debut EP via West End Records/BMG, but the two-plus weeks that separate streamers from its full-fledged release won’t play host to a drought of new Falke/Freeman music, the duo vows with its disco-facing “Club Remix” of Raw Silk’s “Do It To The Music.” Through the nearly six-minute reimaginative stint, Falke and Freeman pay homage to a 1982 classic that they’ve reliably rinsed in their live sets for quite some time now. The production pair attested,

“We were really honored when West End Records asked us to do a remix of Do it to the Music, because it has always been a go-to floor filler in our DJ set. The vocal has such a modern feel even though it’s from the early 80’s and it has some great elements that we kept in the mix. Our remix has modernized a classic, bringing it into the future with our own signature sound while still keeping the soul from the original version.”

Tangling the old-school with the contemporary, and more than just a touch of soul, the AMPERSOUNDS collaborators’ period-toggling spin can be streamed below.

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