Matt Nash issues Amsterdam warehouse ID via STMPD RCRDS163962740 449847369417940 771461678798102005 N

Matt Nash issues Amsterdam warehouse ID via STMPD RCRDS

Although official notice of the due date of Matt Nash‘s freshman album is still in question at the moment, the STMPD RCRDS titan is continuing to forge forward with new originals through Martin Garrix’s label. “Losing My Mind” remained the sole ID left up for grabs from Nash’s Amsterdam warehouse-located stream from spring’s first days, and he’s now handing it over as a likely second extension from the aforesaid LP, trailing “Ready Or Not” with Nikki Ambers.

Relative to his foregoing release trifecta from 2021’s first half, Nash turns a much heavier, darker corner with “Losing My Mind,” yet still defends his incessant ability to offer up an originative house approach. “Losing My Mind” describes the mental state of just about every person on Earth throughout the last year, diving head first towards tech house sovereignty and congruously fitting the warehouse locale in which it first came about.

Featured image: Matt Nash/Instagram

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