Polo & Pan stand firmly in club territory with Channel Tres on ‘Tunnel’Polo Pan Cercle

Polo & Pan stand firmly in club territory with Channel Tres on ‘Tunnel’

Dance music’s authoritative and quirky older brothers Polo & Pan have just given way to their third single “Tunnel” ahead of forthcoming June 25 album, Cyclorama. Following “Feel Good” and latest, “Ani Kuni,” this time, the maestros merge together for a “night drive between Paris and LA,” tapping Compton’s own Channel Tres for an unlikely yet ever-welcomed summertime house heater.

The tune trickles in classic synthwork from the Parisian pair, pouring down into a 120BPM pulse before flooding listener’s ears with the sleek and sultry vocals that can only belong to the hip-hop sensation Channel Tres. The five-minute excursion picks up, imbuing now distorted vocals backed by scintillating production that remains as one of Polo & Pan’s many defining musical characteristics. Speaking on working with Tres, the acclaimed duo gushed with gratitude in an Instagram post stating, “He guided us wisely on our first incursion into urban musical territory and ensured we delivered a razor sharp sensual club track together.”

As their debut 2017 studio album Caravelle focused on the voyage though space, Cyclorama sees fans on a journey through time. Described from the two as “a musical odyssey through the steps of human existence from birth to adulthood to death…and transcendence,” the upcoming album will surely be a trip within itself.

Stream “Tunnel” below and stay tuned for more album singles prior to the June 25 release of Cyclorama.

Featured image: Cercle

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