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The Brothers Macklovitch take a two-step approach to Tchami’s ‘Damaged Hearts’

With two-step finesse, The Brothers Macklovitch impress their polished sonic signature on Tchami and Todd Edwards’ Year Zero finisher, “Damaged Hearts.” The viscous, honeyed original offered respite from the future house, beat-driven constructs that laced together the first half—and then some—of the Confession curator’s debut album, dubbed Dancing Astronaut‘s 2020 Album of the Year.

Under The Brothers Macklovitch banner, A-Trak and Chromeo‘s Dave 1 adapt the tempo of “Damaged Hearts,” putting some pep in its agile progression for a rework that simultaneously maintains the elasticity and pointedness of a Brothers Macklovitch production. The texture-heavy take on “Damaged Hearts” is the second conversion from Tchami’s Year Zero remix LP, succeeding Malaa‘s late-May collection commencer, a dark recasting of “Praise.”

Tchami told Dancing Astronaut,

“’I’ve been hooked on what A-Trak and his brother Dave1 released so far with their The Brothers Macklovitch project. Both of them always have a unique perspective on music and this remix definitely reflects on that.”

The companion to Year Zero will land on June 25.

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