Tycho shares plan to curate his own festival event in BrooklynTycho

Tycho shares plan to curate his own festival event in Brooklyn

After a whirlwind 2020, which started off with Tycho’s 2019 album Weather being nominated for a Grammy Award, a remix package, a string of well-executed livestreams, and more, Tycho has remained relatively quiet over the course of these past few months. Now, the acclaimed musician has returned to reveal that he is working on curating his own music festival, so it appears good things come to those who wait.

Tycho took to Twitter to reveal that the festival will take place on the East Coast, with more details expected to be announced sometime later this week. That said, the graphic share bares a clue as to the location of the impending event—likely Brooklyn, New York. Branded as TYCHO : ISO50, the event is named after both Scott Hansen’s Tycho project, and his photographic and design moniker, ISO50. While no further details have been shared publicly yet, Tycho is expected to reveal new information about his debut event curation effort shortly.

Featured image: Pass The Aux

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