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The Daybreaker community enlists 350 people to create dance anthem ‘Joy Generation’

You may know Daybreaker as one of dance music’s most innovative organizations, namely their wellness raves that have expanded globally and built a community that spans continents and cultures. Un-phased by the global lockdown, the pioneering collective built their reach and their community to create a never-before-attempted song-writing endeavor.

Rather than dance, they had a real-time creative jam session with over 350 members of the Daybreaker community. The result — “Joy Generationm” a uniquely inspiring crowd-sourced creation that embodies everything the organization has represented since its inception. A balm for these trying times, “Joy Generation” was laced together by The Brothers Koren, who led the process of inspired co-creation. The result is an anthem rife with guitar strums, larger than life vocal hooks, and beautifully composed instrumentals. During the session, each person would spontaneously unmute themselves and provide a note, then another, and another: ideas, phrases, and lyrics floated through fiber optics to all corners of the globe. Each new bit of information inspiring the next piece of the composition.

And then suddenly an anthem was born. An anthem for the “Joy Generation.’

Check out the behind the scenes video on how “Joy Generation” came to life.

Joy Generation Story Video from DAYBREAKER on Vimeo.

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