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Ace Aura makes Never Say Die debut with ‘Gem World’ EP

Eric Seall, best known by his stage name Ace Aura, has officially dispatched Gem World EP via Never Say Die Records. The project consists of four melodic dubstep offerings: “Gem World,” “Soul Cavern,” “Shattered,” featuring Nytrix, and “Inferno,” respectively. Ahead of the EP’s due date on August 20, the 22-year-old sound designer performed at the world-renowned Hollywood Palladium next to Nytrix, where the collaborators debuted “Shattered” live.

Gem World EP is Seall’s first release on the highly reputable indie label and the project has already found its spot as the current No. 1 dubstep release on Beatport. Of his latest undertaking, Ace Aura said,

“The writing process of Gem World was a very freeing experience. I previously felt like I was stuck making the same types of songs over and over and lost motivation to make music as a result. When I allowed myself to experiment and try out new styles and techniques, I rediscovered that enjoyment I thought I had lost forever.”

Evidently, Gem World EP signifies a major milestone for the young talent, marking the beginning of a journey with a new label as well as his rediscovered creative freedom. Stream Gem World EP in its entirety below.

Featured image: United Talent Agency

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