Bleu Clair, AC Slater, and Kate Wild give the ‘Green Light’ to five-star house meetupMaresdefault

Bleu Clair, AC Slater, and Kate Wild give the ‘Green Light’ to five-star house meetup

Seating the names Bleu Clair and AC Slater together on a singular release is a dreamlike crossover between two distinguishable generations of house music, and one of Dancing Astronaut‘s Artists to Watch in 2021 and the Nightbass director decided to make it happen. After the latter tapped for the former for a virtual slotting during Nightbass’ seven-year anniversary celebration, the two decided to formally come together for an unexpected visit to TiĆ«sto’s Musical Freedom that sees Bleu Clair and AC Slate rope in Kate Wild as the three-headed brigade signal the “Green Light” for a summer-fit tie-up.

“Green Light” has been quietly making noise dating all the way back to mid-July when it first slid it into the label boss’s 747th iteration of Club Life, permanently fixating the house music world’s eyes on it ever since. Balancing a banner production spread of tech-house, deep-house, and piano-house with Wild’s top-of-the-line vocal, Bleu Clair and AC Slater position an original that possesses the classic-sounding credentials to wind up on our Twitter timeline in a year from now commemorating its first anniversary. Perhaps most notably, though, it presents the opportunity for the two house minds to rinse it together at EDC Las Vegas in October.

Featured image: Insomniac Events

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