Excision, Kai Wachi get prehistoric with ‘Demisaur’1

Excision, Kai Wachi get prehistoric with ‘Demisaur’

Bass music icon Excision tapped Kai Wachi as his next collaborator for a dinosaur-themed anthem aptly titled “Demisaur.” Not only does the song feature a sample that literally lists out different types of dinosaurs, but the bass makes the ground shake like you would imagine a Tyrannosaurus Rex did when stomping around the earth millions of years ago. It’s a timely complement to Excision’s upcoming Bass Canyon festival set at Washington’s famed The Gorge Amphitheater, where both Excision himself and Kai Wachi will be performing from August 20 – August 22.

This is just the latest release for Excision on his very own Subsidia Records and notably, Kai Wachi’s very first collaboration with Excision on Subsidia. Stream “Demisaur,” Excision and Kai Wachi’s first sonic shoulder brush since the latter’s remix of Excision and Dion Timmer’s “Mirror” in 2017.

Featured image: Fadewood

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