G-house to ‘Make That Kitty Purr’—stream Thomas Xavier’s latest pre-EP singleThomas avier Live

G-house to ‘Make That Kitty Purr’—stream Thomas Xavier’s latest pre-EP single

The G-house scene has gotten more than just a little more interesting since Thomas Xavier made his name known in the space with his Go To Church EP in May. And with “Ballin” and “Can’t Stop Me” under his belt and cataloged on Pussy On A Pedestal‘s tracklist, Xavier has seemed only to up the ante with each pre-EP production. As to be expected, Xavier doesn’t break this tradition on “Make That Kitty Purr,” which the Miramar Theatre resident DJ calls the “defining track [from] the [forthcoming] Pussy on a Pedestal EP.”

Laced with syrupy samples sourced from his girlfriend Erika Love, “Make That Kitty Purr” is a playful exposition of Xavier’s sound that packs a punch without taking itself too seriously, an aesthetic that’s propelled him to snag opening slots for Claude VonStroke, Volac, and BIJOU in recent months. On August 12, he’ll expand this resume by providing support to Golf Clap.

In considering “Make That Kitty Purr” in the context of Xavier’s stock of originals, one could also imagine him to be a complementary opener for Dancing Astronaut Artist to Watch in 2021, John Summit. Let “Make That Kitty Purr” make the case below.

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