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Juelz issues six-track trap and future-bass EP, ‘Paradise Lost’

Juelz is presenting his six-track Paradise Lost EP via independent record label, Lowly. The Vancouver-based producer exhibited his transfiguring blend of trap and future-bass on his two recent singles “Inferno” and “Colours” with Pauline Herr. However, the complete extended play reveals an appreciably more ambitious approach in his production style and creative sensibility. Adding some additional context to the EP’s complexion, Juelz shared,

“[I] feel like this EP is my first project that has a real narrative. Inspired by book 1 of Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost,’ it’s about loss and ultimately thriving off it, making a heaven of your hell.”

Paradise Lost pulls listeners into moments of captivating light and bliss, catalyzed by Juelz’s unique blend of jubilant soundscapes and blistering synth work. The EP is an intricate crossover of trap, future-bass, and lo-fi sounds that artfully meet the complex splintering of contemporary bass music all in one neatly compiled package.

Featured image: DNZ Media

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