Salvatore Ganacci wants you to ‘Fight Dirty’Movie Poster 2 Salvatore Ganacci Fight Dirty

Salvatore Ganacci wants you to ‘Fight Dirty’

MDLBeast Records has been signing some dancefloor igniting singles as of late. And the tastemaking labels latest comes at the hands (and hair) of Swedish troublemaker Salvatore Ganacci. One of the most unique acts on the scene today, the “Horse” producer returns to form with an Anime inspired music video and a funky house beat dubbed “Fight Dirty”.

Inspired by the Japanese composer Toshiyuki Kimori’s record “Dirty Fight,” Ganacci opens things up with an energetic, driving beat, before he ups the ante with a big synthetic string buildup and groovy vocal riffs. A bit of 80s disco flair peaks through on “Fight Dirty” but the house influence reigns supreme. Big, bouncy, fun and quintessentially Sal, this little ditty is a peak time party starter through and through.

Fight Dirty” follows MDLBeast RecordsToxic Romance” from Cosmicat, andTestarossafrom Butch.