Tomorrowland Music opens with Afrojack’s debut Never Sleeps single, ‘You Got The Love’ featuring Chico RoseAfrojack Chico Rose

Tomorrowland Music opens with Afrojack’s debut Never Sleeps single, ‘You Got The Love’ featuring Chico Rose

Afrojack and Chico Rose’s collaborative streak just got a little longer, thanks to Tomorrowland Music, which formally opened for business with “You Got The Love” on August 27. The debut release from Tomorrowland Music, a dedicated music division” within the Tomorrowland brand, finds Afrojack registering “You Got The Love” under a name new to streamers—Never Sleeps. It’s fitting, to say the least, that a new venture for Tomorrowland co-occurs with a new project from Afrojack, a long-time favorite of the festival brand.

The alias will specifically cater to the festival and club circuits, the “Turn Up The Speakers” producer dished, stating,

“Never Sleeps is a project which is basically just there to emphasize dance music built for the festivals and clubs. Within the music industry, there’s a lot of pressure on artists to keep their brands relevant or to try new things and challenges. With Never Sleeps, it’s just about the music and the people—making music for people on the dance floor and celebrating life. It’s not just me, it’s me and other artists—whoever feels like they would love to do something together. No pressure, no genre. It’s just all about the music. Our first release ‘You Got The Love’ feels like a full-on dance music festival anthem and that’s why we started to collaborate with Tomorrowland and its brand-new label Tomorrowland Music. Very exciting!”

“You Got The Love” tacks on to Afrojack and Rose’s collaborative lineage, spanning “Speechless,” “Cloud 9,” and “Sad.” The record’s roots can be traced back to the summer of 2019, Rose attested, remarking, “You call it madness; we call it love. We started this project during the summer two years ago. We’ve worked for six months straight together in the studio and we are really happy to finally release it.”

An animated embodiment of the sound that has often permeated Afrojack and Rose’s tie-ups, “You Got The Love” commences a series of releases to come from the Tomorrowland Music camp. Stream the label-opening single below.

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