Watch ILLENIUM’s journey to historic Las Vegas Trilogy show in new mini-doc featureAllegiant 046

Watch ILLENIUM’s journey to historic Las Vegas Trilogy show in new mini-doc feature

ILLENIUM is coming off of his fourth album and one of the biggest performances of his career after his sold out Trilogy show at Las Vegas’s Allegiant Stadium. The artist, real name Nicholas Miller, had a crew documenting each piece of his journey leading up to the monumental stadium show, and now the mini-documentary is out on Miller’s YouTube channel.

The performance took place just weeks before Miller released Fallen Embers, and his performance contained three different set sections for each of his previous albums, Ashes, Awake, and Ascend. During the short visual, ILLENIUM expresses how he feels an obligation to perform this multi-album project for his fans, initially wishing to produce an entire Trilogy tour. However, for the singular Trilogy performance, Miller played for almost four hours total, canvassing each of the different phases of his previous discography. As he performs in front of the packed football stadium, viewers watch on as he gets emotional throughout the night.

If anything is made clear by the documentary, it is that Miller is at a transition point creatively, and Trilogy allowed for him to close his previous chapters as he heads towards something new. While he shares he still intends to produce music, ILLENIUMM does reiterate that he can’t do the same thing repeatedly and that he needs something new. The new Trilogy visual is the perfect way for fans to get a peak behind the curtain when it comes to Miller’s mindset as he paves the way for what is to come.

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