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Charles D (USA) scores ‘Twenty Twenty’ vision on Pryda Presents reunion alongside MANSHN

It’s no mystery that Eric Prydz doesn’t open the Pryda Presents gates for just anyone—last doing so on Cristoph, Yotto, and Sansa’sOut Of Reach“—and for a second time in less than a year, he’s decided to reinstate Charles D (USA) for the surrendering of an elusive summer ID. After “You” made its digital uncovering in Prydz’s [CELL.] presentation for Tomorrowland Around the World and was subsequently liberated in November of 2020, Charles D (USA) has made a return to dish out a worthwhile first production since then, bringing in MANSHN for a helping hand on “Twenty Twenty.”

All thanks to YouTube legend Mi5taKlean, Prydz’s four-plus-hour onslaught at the iconic Club Space was captured in HD and featured an unreleased number that would become credited to forenamed New Yorker. “Twenty Twenty” points back to its own world-class read on the vision scale, with Charles D (USA) hiking towards the ultimate climb of his darkened hybrid of techno and progressive that had those standing inside the Miami staple instantaneously pulling out their phones. The build doesn’t come stocked without MANSHN’s chilling backing, rounding out another “proppa chugga” that is “Twenty Twenty” and answering the “are you listening?” line that everyone’s come to know and love from Prydz’s sets this summer with a resounding “yes.”

Featured image: Taylor Regulski

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