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EMBRZ captures a year’s worth of ‘Moments’ through emotive debut LP on This Never Happened

A year-plus at home sparked somewhat of a rebirth of ingenuity for an untold count of artists, with one of those names being EMBRZ. Towards the end of July, the Dublin maven started to plant the seeds from that self-depicted burst of creativity with his debut album on This Never Happened, and after a month and a half, Moments has now officially arrived with all 11 tracks carried inside.

Preluded by “Where You Are” with Lizzy Land, “Rise” with Abroad, and its third and final preview “Stay,” EMBRZ’s freshman effort was hatched through an experiential narrative, developed as an “audible diary” to sonically explain both the positive and negative parts of his life throughout the pandemic. Moments‘ exhaustive uncloaking sees eight more productions added to its ultimate index,—featuring his own vocals for the first time on “Sleeptalking” alongside Emily Nance—with EMBRZ bundling together an outright masterwork that captures the palpable, solacing emotion he experienced through one delicately crafted pearl of melodic house after the next. EMBRZ added some background on the album’s evolution and shared words of gratitude to the many who helped him along the way, stating,

“I always remember where I was when I write a song, what was going on at the time, what I was feeling… and I feel like this album is a collection of all these different ‘moments’ over the past year. Like an audible diary or calendar for me to look / listen back on. It was mostly written during lockdown and carries a lot of the good / bad feelings of living through that. Want to thank all the talented singers / songwriters who I worked with on this Lizzy Land, Abroad, Emily Nance, Glen Roberts. Big love to my manager Dave Rishty and the This Never Happened fam Tabby Sherring & Tom Pounsford. And to the boss man Lane 8 for believing in this album and being kind enough to offer feedback during the writing process.”

Featured image: Hazel Coonagh

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