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Gryffin bids farewell to summer on elevating sendoff with LOVA, ‘Piece Of Me’

Barely a month removed from his Ubbi Dubbi-closing number with Boy Matthews, Gryffin has already returned to continue stacking up his summer release scorecard. Those standing before him at either his Palm Tree Festival and Beyond Wonderland outings at the end of August were acquainted with yet another mouthwatering ID, and as summer rounds its final turn, Gryffin has matched up with LOVA to render his fourth original package of 2021, “Piece Of Me.”

Gryffin tilted into the stretch of warm weather with his airing of “Best Is Yet To Come” with Kyle Reynolds and it was only fitting he sent it off with a proper seasonal farewell. It’s a global consensus at this point that Gryffin has yet to put forth anything less than stellar, and that push lengthens on “Piece Of Me,” with Gryffin revisiting his own tonic fingerprint on house—somewhat reminiscent of classics like “Baggage” or his “Don’t Leave” spin—and contracting LOVA to prompt a fiery, empowering topline that makes for the ultimate end-of-summer ballad. While everyone will just have to wait and see what larger effort Gryffin may have bubbling under the surface, he explained that the single was developed out of a desire to flip the script on the pandemic blues, stating,

“‘Piece of Me’ is a song that I probably had the most fun recording during this past year. When the world turned upside down, and all my shows and traveling stopped, I was yearning for some energy and bounce back into my life, and this record gave me that jolt of excitement I needed. We wanted to create a fun, upbeat, self-confidence anthem, and we’re so happy with how this record turned out.”

Featured image: Lost In Dreams/Instagram

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