HALIENE harrows in alluring new single, ‘Glass Heart’GlassHeartBanner2darkforwebsite3

HALIENE harrows in alluring new single, ‘Glass Heart’

HALIENE has made her return to the solo stage to find a home on Black Hole Recordings with “Glass Heart.” The Dancing Astronaut Supernova follows her staggering collaboration with ILLENIUM and Excision, “In My Mind,” as well as June and April’s respective releases “Only One I Need” with William Black and “Oceans & Galaxies” with Jauz.

“Glass Heart” bridges a compelling dynamic of emotion and transparency as the the Massachusetts-born vocalist gears up for her individual performance at Seven LionsChronicles III festival at the Gorge Amphitheatre on September 11, as well as EDC Las Vegas in October. The astute vocal-trance artist vulnerably explained the meaning behind the single, stating

“’Glass Heart’ was inspired by a handwritten note I received from my late mother when I was 12 years old. Sometimes I feel that you should have been born with a tag on your toe that said: handle with care. But at the most difficult times of your life, I’ve seen an unmatched strength shine through when you need it most.”

This song is about me, who I am, how I was made—accepting myself in my fragile state—while handling the greatest losses in my life with a strength tougher than diamonds. You can break me open, but that’s when my strength truly shines. I’m easy to see through at times, but when I fall apart, that’s when my true purpose comes to life.”

I found it very interesting that glass and diamond look so similar yet hold such different capabilities. There’s a fascinating dichotomy between the two substances: one, the most breakable of all, and the other is the strongest on Earth. I celebrate both strength and fragility at once in this song, because sometimes the most formidable strength is born out of the fragility of a broken heart.”

Stream “Glass Heart” below.

Featured image: Gabriela Oltean

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