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Premiere: Hex Cougar, Heimanu unchain titanic ‘Halloween IX’ inclusion on Sable Valley, ‘Ghost’

Halloween IX” forcefully opened the ID floodgates nearly a full calendar ago, but Hex Cougar and Heimanu have patiently prevailed in standing behind one of the most requested members of RL Grime’s ninth holiday celebration from October of 2020. “Ghost” hasn’t remotely fallen out of the public eye in the time since, with the single loudly presenting itself to the in-person masses during RL Grime and Baauer’s HÆRNY unveiling at HARD Summer, and trap’s holy grail of the past year has finally been called up to the Sable Valley initiation podium.

Hex Cougar let it be known that “Ghost” would have its moment sometime in the month of September, and when it was nowhere to be found in Sable Valley Summer Vol. 2, the only thing left to assume was that it had deservedly warranted a standalone delivery. The only two words that RL Grime could’ve tagged “Ghost” as were “HUUUUUUUUGE TUNE,” with Hex Cougar and Heimanu converging somewhere under the middle of the NuRave and trap umbrellas to ignite the Halloween theatrics early with a cinematic, hair-raising gold mine of Sable Valley supremacy that will have every crowd on the label’s Community Outreach tour enduringly chanting “you’re the fire inside.” Hex Cougar and Heimanu revealed that they’d been scheming a tie-up for a while, explaining how their highly coveted meeting actually came to be,

“Before we started working on Ghost, Heimanu and I had already been in touch for a minute. I was a big fan of his work and saw a lot of similarities between our musical styles and vision. I sent over an initial rough idea for Ghost (which wasn’t even named that back then), and within a few days, he sent a more fleshed out project back to be that absolutely blew my mind. From there, we traded the track back and forth a few more times until arriving at what you hear now. I’m super proud of this track, I think it merges our styles in the most explosive, emotional way possible.” – Hex Cougar

“I’ve been looking up to Hex for years now, and he has been a massive inspiration to me. He has a lot of time for underground producers, and that’s something that I will never forget. He was a very early supporter of my work, and the fact that he happened to be an idol of mine made it all pretty crazy. And now, to have a release with him on a label like Sable Valley is absolutely insane. Tell that to me a few years ago, and my mind would probably have exploded. I couldn’t be happier with this track!” – Heimanu

“Ghost” is out everywhere via Sable Valley on September 10, but can be streamed in full one day early, exclusively on Dancing Astronaut.

Featured image: Sammy Dean

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