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Spiderhound further eschews singular genre classification on ‘Strangers’

Spiderhound is in the business of accumulating accolades for the unpredictable routes that his releases will take, as “Strangers” renders clear.

The successor to “Phlame,” “Strangers” deepens the experimental bent of Spiderhound’s sound to the tune of pitched-down, manipulated vocals, staticky percussion, and zipping basslines. “Strangers'” vocals diverge from the in-your-face, rap-esque verses of “Phlame,” and from the trippy glitch of this same predecessor. There’s a cinematic character to “Strangers” that is sure to attract streamers to Spiderhound’s growing catalog like moths to a flame.

The artist’s nearly 30-year experience as an electronic music producer/DJ and recording and mix engineer seems only to bubble to the surface with further clarity with each of his releases, and “Strangers” is no exception. For a justification of why Spiderhound should be on your artists to watch radar, stream below.

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