Spiderhound rounds out 2021 septuplet of singles with ‘Forgive’Inde

Spiderhound rounds out 2021 septuplet of singles with ‘Forgive’

Spiderhound has swiftly answered late August’s “Strangers” with “Forgive,” his seventh standalone release of 2021. Across this septuplet of singles, the producer—born Sean Naughton—has given further shape to his amorphous style, however paradoxical that might sound. Though “Forgive” betrays Spiderhound’s penchant for electronic experimentation permeated by downtempo, bass, and lo-fi elements, these hallmarks—also audible on fellow catalog constituents such as “Strangers”—are only the tip of Spiderhound’s sonic iceberg.

Naughton’s affinity for texture, wonky samples, and making streamers expect the unexpected has alternatively shone through on one-offs like “Chain Gang,” which flip the more downtempo Spiderhound script in favor of driving sound constructions with glitchy appeal. “Forgive,” though, nestles neatly into Spiderhound’s more lulling collection of productions, folding trap-inspired percussion with a chopped topline that seems almost to weave in and out of the track’s keyboard and bass work. Immerse yourself in the mellifluous installment below.

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