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Stream Nora En Pure’s new melodic-house offering, ‘Life On Hold’

Out now via Enormous Tunes, Nora En Pure‘s latest single, “Life On Hold,” didn’t arrive as it was intended to. According to Nora’s team,

“[Life On Hold] got a lot of attention in Nora En Pure’s latest DJ sets. The overwhelming feedback made us extract this track from an initially scheduled EP and release it as a standalone single to give it the attention it deserves.”

Nora recently discussed her forthcoming EP in an exclusive interview with Dancing Astronaut at CRSSD’s DAY.MVS in San Diego. The Purified Radio host mentioned that the dual-track project would feature the emotive “Life On Hold,” as well as a more “club-ready” track called “Tantrum,” which is still to come.

Ultimately, the fans themselves impacted Nora’s strategy on this release in an outcome only made possible by the return of live shows. It’s ironic that, after over a year-plus of life being put on hold, congregated audiences around the world precipitated the early release of “Life On Hold.”

Featured image: Frazer Harrison

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