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UK government weighs vaccine passport usage amid COVID-19 spike

As the United States government and others consider new guidelines and restrictions amidst the ongoing challenges presented by Delta COVID-19 variant, the United Kingdom is considering re-establishing the use of vaccine passports in English nightclubs. The government notably released its “COVID-19 Response: Autumn & Winter Plan” on September 14 due to a recent surge in cases. According to the plan, if the count of COVID-19 cases does not subside in the coming weeks, vaccine passports could go into effect for a number of settings, including indoor spaces with more than 500 attendees, outdoor locations with more than 10,000 people, and nightclubs.

A vaccine passport, officially referred to as a “Vaccine-only COVID-status Certification,” is a measure that clubs and promoters are currently being advised to prepare for, with the government stating that the possible policy change could begin to be enforced within one week of any announcement.

Clubs and venues will have to prepare for the potentially forthcoming vaccine passport requirements, although clubs in many places around the world have already implemented them.

Via: COVID-19 Response: Autumn & Winter Plan

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