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Indulge in the ear candy that is Two Friends’ 20th ‘Big Bootie Mix’

Eli Sones and Matthew Halper of Two Friends began indirectly hijacking the AUX at house parties ever since they debuted their first hour-long “Big Bootie Mix” six years ago. Fast forward to now, and the production duo is still at it.

“Big Bootie Mix, Vol. 20” is officially streaming on Spotify, SoundCloud,and YouTube, and as to be expected, the 20th installment arrives packed with both recent hits and crowd-pleasing throwbacks, all interlaced via Two Friends’ impeccable mixing chops. Incorporating tracks from Olivia Rodrigo, Drake, the Beatles, and more, “Big Bootie Mix, Vol. 20” does not discriminate based on era, genre, or artist. What’s most impressive about each “Big Bootie Mix” is Two Friends’ natural ability to seamlessly fuse together songs from opposing genres. “Vol. 20” doesn’t break from this tradition.

As we near a full 24-hour period of Big Bootie mixes, stream Two Friends’ 20th edition of the series below.

Featured image: Garrett Poulos

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