Louis Futon shares new twofer ‘Re-Up’ and ‘Amoeba’ ahead of forthcoming albumLouis Futon Cr Colin Miller

Louis Futon shares new twofer ‘Re-Up’ and ‘Amoeba’ ahead of forthcoming album

Gearing up for the release of his sophomore LP Couchsurfing, Louis Futon has delivered two new singles, “Re-Up” featuring Armani White alongside the instrumental b-side single, “Amoeba.”

Following his previous album single and syncopated jazz flute excursion “Ron Burgundy,” Futon showcases his wide range and versatility, leaving fans with sharp hip-hop instrumental fluidity. Birthed from a marijuana-inspired orchestration, the two new endeavors mix funky rhythm, guitar progressions, and subdued drum kicks. Recalling the tracks’ inception, Futon stated,

“The song started off with me sampling my guitar strings as a percussive instrument leading into an intricate drum pocket paired with a plucky bass…I wanted to make something that takes you through an epic journey.”

Keep an eye out for Couchsurfing to hit streaming platforms on November 5 and until then, stream his latest entities below.

Featured image: Colin Miller

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